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  • Siobhan Griffin

Celebrating pastoral farming with Siobhan Griffin

Pastoral farmer and grazing coach Siobhan Griffin was initially drawn to regenerative farming practices by a desire to produce better tasting meat and cheese. She has a deep passion for holistic grazing, plant and animal diversity, and increasing the soil carbon sponge.

Siobhan talks about the benefits for both farmers and consumers, and the pivotal role these practices can play in countering climate change. She believes that pastoral farmers are uniquely placed to be the climate heroes of the future. And that what's needed is not just a wholesale shift in farming practices, but also a focus on reconnecting with consumers.

"So you have to go and see farmers that are doing it and learn from their expeirences. And then ask yourself: well, what this farmer is doing, would that work on my farm or not? "And until you decide it will work, there's no point even trying it."

Go to the original post to listen to this Quorum Sense Podcast.

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