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Photo of hands turning over healthy soil in grass field.


Livestock farmers can heal the climate

Next Level Grazing focuses on intentful grazing management practices which build topsoil, increase carbon content, and ultimately leads to richer plant diversity and more productive farmland. Richer plant diversity encourages additional pollinators and native birds creating a full ecosystem regeneration. Utilizing ecological science around growing more pasture combined with mimicking nature to promote green vegetative regrowth, farmers using Next Level Grazing principles are able to grow more pasture faster with any given input. With healthier soil and more vigorous diverse plants, pastures are able to be more resilient and perform better through hot, dry summers. Other benefits can also be seen in:

  • Better animal performance 

  • Better flavour of meat, cheese and other livestock products 

  • Lower vet and medicine cost

  • Lower supplement feed cost

  • More birds and other wildlife on the farm

  • Fewer insect pests as farm ecology found better balance

  • Better water quality

  • better water infiltration and less flooding

Learn more about how livestock farmers can heal the

climate in the linked video!

Featured Webinar

Adaptive grazing management - building resilience into NZ grazing systems

In this Quorum Sense webinar we focused on grazing management and planning in a New Zealand landscape. Next Level Grazing founder, Siobhan Griffin, kicked off the webinar with a presentation on grazing principles and planning. The webinar includes hearing from other New Zealand farmers sharing their challenges, their learnings and of course their successes as they take on managing livestock and pastures to promote health, resilience and performance on farm.

Learning Resources

Learn more about Next Level Grazing, Regenerative Agriculture, and explore other resources to help you along your journey.

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Read different articles, find podcasts, stories, and other thought provoking content in the Next Level Grazing Blog. 

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Watch this video to learn about mimicking nature to improve pasture quality. 

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Dr. Walter Jehne dives into restoring water cycles to naturally cool climates and reverse global warming.


Siobhan Griffin asks Gabe Brown if grass farmers need cover crops. Check out the video to learn more!

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