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Cows grazing in lush pasture. Mixed herd.

Where it Started

Siobhan Griffin, Founder of Next Level Grazing, first started implementing regenerative practices at Raindance Organic Farm, located in Middlefield, New York State.  In the course of ten years, Siobhan, with the help of 150 dairy animals managed at the next level, had increased soil organic matter by five percent. Ruminants can be climate superhero's if managed holistically.

Siobhan Griffin

Siobhan Griffin
Owner and founder

Siobhan is an alumni of Cornell University with a B.S. in Animal Science with a concentration in Farm Business Management. She managed and owned farms for 30 years in New York State and Vermont where she delved into organic and holistic regenerative management of dairy cattle and finishing beef. With the goal of producing healthy food for families, she built a solar powered cheese plant on her farm and learned quickly that healthy cows on healthy, diverse grassland supported the best tasting cheese and meat.  She relocated to New Zealand in 2017 and now lives at Ridgepark Farm with her partner and 4200 ewes on 400 hectares. She plans to spend the next chapter of her life keeping pastoral farmers on the land by helping them be more profitable and teaching them how to use their livestock to heal the land and build carbon in the soil.

Regeneration at Raindance Farm

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